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Dare 2 Drive

Dare 2 Drive -
Corporate Edition

Prove your mettle for the most accurate driving and navigation skills in the battle between the corporates! The first Time, Speed, Distance (TSD) One Day Corporate Car Rally in Bangalore will make you go through tarmac, off roads, lush green villages, exceptional scenic and unexplored routes. Get your eyes on that trophy! Will you Dare 2 Drive?

Entrant's Eligibility & Obligations

  1. Any person holding a valid driving and FMSCI Competition licence may enter in this event (Thriller Life will arrange the FMSCI Licence, and it is covered in the Entry Fees).
  2. Atleast one team member has to represent a corporate or an organisation, the other member can be from the same company or any other organization or background.
  3. A Letter of Authority for the use of the vehicle must be produced from the owner of the vehicle in case the owner is not a member of the crew.
  4. Under the laws of the country, it is mandatory that any accident out of which a claim may arise be reported to the nearest police station.

Vehicle Eligibility

  1. All the cars must be individually licensed for the road. Use of navigational aids like trip meters, Halda etc. is not permitted. Likewise, use of Cellular phones, Wireless Communication Sets, Pagers, GPS etc. shall be strictly prohibited under pain of exclusion to be pronounced by Steward of the Meet.
  2. This Event is open to ALL TYPES of four wheelers. Also, these four wheelers will run as one class irrespective of their engine capacity. Soft top vehicles are not allowed.
  3. Only Commercially available fuels which are on sale in fuel stations/ petrol pumps are permitted.


  1. Entry forms duly filled, confirming to these regulations along with the appropriate Fees must be submitted to the organizers not later than 20th April 2012, 1800 HRS.
  2. By the very act of signing the entry form, the entrant as well as driver, submit and bind themselves to resort only to the NCR of the FMSCI.

Registration Process:

  1. Download the Supplementary Regulations (SR) Document and understand all the rules, regulations and requirements of the Rally - Click here know more
  2. Download and Fill the Application Form - Click here know more
  3. Download and Fill the Indemnity Form - Click here know more
  4. Document Submission
    • Vehicle Registration Book
    • Tax Book
    • Insurance Cover Note
    • Special Rally Insurance Cover (recommended)
    • Driving Licence
    • Authority letter from owner of the car if Driver / Navigator are not the owners of the car used in rally
    • Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
    • Competition licence of FMSCI (Rs.300/- Clubsport TSD Rally licence is minimum requirement upto Open status). (We will arrange this license for you)
    • 5 stamp size photographs of every crew member (Driver & Navigator)
  5. Submit/Pay the Fees Online (You can pay by Debit/Credit Card or NetBanking)
  6. Cheques can be couriered to the below address in the name of "Thriller Life Sports Private Limited".

You can send all the forms and documents mentioned from Step 2 to 4 in following ways

  1. Email to
  2. Courier them to the address of Thriller Life - 2264, 14th 'A' Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, BANGALORE - 560008.

For further information, Please contact Kiran at +91 96322 18998 or
Email to

Event Info

Name : Dare 2 Drive - Corporate Edition
Format : Time, Speed, Distance (TSD) Road Rally
City : Bangalore

Date : 21st April, 2012 (Saturday)
Venue : Aloft Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel
Documentation Verification and Pre-event Scrutiny : 1400 - 1700 HRS
Compulsory Briefing : 1700 - 1900 HRS

Date : 22nd April, 2012 (Sunday)
Start Venue : Aloft Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel
Finish Venue : Aloft Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel
Rally Day Time : 0900 - 1600 HRS
Provisional Results : 1700 HRS
Awards Ceremony : 1800 HRS
Dinner Party : 1900 HRS Onwards

Team : 2 persons per team
(Driver & Navigator)
Who Can Participate : Corporate Teams
(Atleast one team member has to represent a corporate or an organization)
Distance : 100-120 Kms

Entry Fee and Awards

Entry Fees : Rs. 10,000 Per team [inclusive of 12.36% service tax & FMSCI License]
* 10% off on Entry Fees for Limited Seats
* Special discount for block of 4 teams per corporate
Awards :
1st Prize: Cash Prize of Rs.50,000 to the team + Trophies each for Driver & Navigator + Trophy for the company

2nd Prize: Cash Prize of Rs.40,000 to the team + Trophies each for Driver & Navigator + Trophy for the company

3rd prize: Cash Prize of Rs.30,000 to the team + Trophies each for Driver & Navigator + Trophy for the company

4th Prize: Cash Prize of Rs.20,000 to the team + Trophies each for Driver & Navigator + Trophy for the company

5th Prize: Cash Prize of Rs.10,000 to the team + Trophies each for Driver & Navigator + Trophy for the company
All Women Team
All women team (both driver & navigator) will get special prizes for participating.
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