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Our Mission

To expand the access, understanding and popularity of motor sports to a wider audience in India!

The Thriller Life Story

With a growing penchant for alternative sports and setting the bar higher for new thrills in life, the Indian audience is now ready to get 'wow-ed'. Born from ingenuity and driven by passion, the Thriller Life team is here to break rally driving from the shackles of inaccessibility. Rally expert, Shahid Khan's brain-child makes a foray into the world of motor sports with great velocity! A series of innovatively structured races in uncomplicated formats like TSD are here for everyone to try. Now a majority can enjoy being behind the wheels for stimulating those nerves!

With unprecedented Professionalism, Integrity and Safety at the foundation of this venture, Thriller Life promises a safe experience along with meticulous planning and execution! The mission of Thriller Life, 'Taking motor sports to the masses', sets pace for an exciting season of four main events for amateurs and a series of 'Pro' races as well.

So if you are pondering over what is the last thing that got that heart pumping, grab that driving license & get ready for an exciting escapade!

Shahid Khan


Sometimes accolades and achievements run dry in front of true passion! So even though keen sportsman, Shahid Khan, had personally challenged himself at roller skating, scuba diving, rally driving, skiing, sky diving, scullying and cycling, he was not quite done! There was a sense of un-fulfilment with which an idea germinated, and made him take the plunge to give back something to the sporting world. Soon it was time to give up his corporate leadership role and take the reins (or rather wheels) of Thriller Life in his hands. Since then, there has been no stopping! With several trips back to the drawing board and enormous toiling over planning, Thriller Life was born – its mission, to make rally driving accessible to Indians.

Having gained a sound business foundation with International companies like Microsoft, Apple and Intel leading various disciplines, Shahid brings the same level of professionalism and drive to Thriller Life. Giving the essential importance to safety, professionalism and integrity, Shahid aims at providing an unmatchable experience of rally driving to a wide Indian audience!

Knowing that Shahid has a list of sports honours under his belt, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. National Roller Skating Champion, a finalist in "Flight of Hawkz" – an Adventure Reality Show, telecasted on National Geographic Channel and completing the Tour of Nilgiris – a Cycling Tour of more than 750kms in 7 days with a cumulative climb of 7000 meters, are some of his personal achievements.

Bump into him while he is on his BIANCHI Road Bike and he has only one thing to tell you - "Live as if you will die tomorrow, and dream as if you live forever"!

Ranjith Ballal


Ranjith, the advisor for Thriller Life, comes with an exhaustive experience of organising and participating in rally driving. An automobile engineer by profession, he currently runs Ranjith Auto Care (RAC), a multi brand automobile workshop and undertakes challenging modifications, alterations and preparation of hi-performance rally cars.

A stalwart in the field, he has a never ending list of honours, including INRC RALLY STAR CUP 1st Runners Up in 2003, 2004 (1400cc) and INRC 1600cc top privateer finish in K 1000 Bangalore & Deccan Challenge Hyderabad in 2005. He has also been the champion at Hill-Climb Bangalore, in upto 800cc, 1000cc & 1400cc class (2002) and won the Karnataka State Autocross Champion in 2005.

Completely taken by the outdoors, Ranjith is also an avid cyclist who has a special interest in carting, ATV rides and riding high-performance bikes to explore the length and breadth of the country.

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" Drive Safe, Drive Responsibly "